Disney in College

Who ever said Disney was only for children was totally wrong.  Even here at college, Disney is ever-present, and I didn’t even realize it until just recently.

Last Wednesday, Marketplace hosted a “Taste of Disney” dinner, incorporating themes from Toy Story, Frozen, Finding Nemo, and more!  As soon as I walked in to swipe my DukeCard, we saw other students being greeted by Buzz Lightyear and Woody.  Many took pictures with them — especially the guys.  It was hilarious to see some of the widest smiles stretch across the new “frat star”‘s faces.  Their faces illuminated as their childhood favorites jokingly punched their arms and posed with them for the camera.  My friends and I quickly skipped through the affair, too embarrassed and too hungry to wait in line for a picture with the Disney characters.  We loved the idea, though!  As we made our way over to the food stations, we caught a glimpse at the menu for the night: “Nemo’s Fish Chowder”, “Mufasa Steamship Round of Beef”, “Pooh’s Honey Glazed Pork Spare Ribs”, “Elsa’s Frozen Gelato Bar.”  The names of the dishes being served were so clever, and the giant mural of the Disney World castle on one of the main walls made the night so much more enjoyable than any other Marketplace meal.  Hats off to you, Marketplace.  A job well done!

                  disneymenumenu                            toystory

That same night, there was even a Disney-themed greek party.  The name?  “Malt Disney.”  While I’m not sure which fraternity was involved, I do know for sure that the Tri-Delts were the invited sorority girls.  Since seven Tri-Delts live in my hall, alone, the rest of their pledge class decided to come to Southgate to take group pictures before heading over to the mixer.  The amount of tiara’s I saw… Two girls dressed as Cinderella (baby blue satin dress, tiara, black choker, and of course huge sparkly silver heels).  The Queen of Hearts was also a popular choice, as was Minnie Mouse.  You could tell how much effort these girls put into their costumes, and they absolutely had a blast putting them together.

tridelt     shoes

So who said college students can’t be kids every once in a while?  Everyone always seems to have fun whenever Disney makes its way in to everyday life.  It takes us back to our childhood, where magic and dreams filled the air, and the stress of looming midterms didn’t exist.



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