#ThrowbackThursday to Halloween with these lovely ladies!  villains2After countless hours of brainstorming costume ideas, we all decided to dress up as Disney villains.  Some of us ended up dropping the Disney theme and simply going as any villain, but two of my friends and I were determined to remain committed!  From left to right in the picture below, is Scar (The Lion King), Zorro (The Legend of Zorro), the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland), Cruella DeVille (101 Dalmations), and the Wicked Witch of the West (The Wizard of Oz).

Some of our costumes aren’t obvious, so I’ll explain the reasoning behind them…

For Scar, my friend chose neutral colors and curled her hair to simulate a mane.  She painted her nose brown, drew whiskers on her face, and used some eyeliner to imitate a scar across her left eye.

For the Queen of Hearts, my friend obviously went with a red dress, but went a step further and taped some playing cards to the top of it.  My hall mates and I also helped draw fake heart tattoos up and down her arms.  Clearly she was going for a tougher rendition of the classic character.

For Cruella, I borrowed my friend’s bright red dress and invested in some cheap fishnet tights at Party City.  I also bought a pretend cigarette holder and a plain white scarf with some black polka dots (to resemble Dalmatians).  I refused to spray paint half of my head white… So people had a harder time deciphering who I was dressed as, but, hey, it was still a hit!

We had SO much fun with these costumes and got tons of compliments for our creativity!

scar cruella queen


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