Mirrors and Bachelors

Disney truly is everywhere!! My roommate wrote on one of our mirrors “Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?” And of course wrote her name afterwards… After watching Snow White this weekend and hearing the evil Queen say these very words to her magic mirror, it all just clicked.  It shouldn’t have taken that long… But still!  A cool realization.


And yet another special appearance made by Disney: Episode 4 of this season’s Bachelor show consists of thirteen envious girls and one happy princess.  The bachelor (Chris Soules) gives his three older sisters the responsibility of picking one lucky contestant for a one-on-one evening date with him.  After meeting the group of girls and getting to know each one of them, the sisters choose the sweet and soft-spoken Jade to be his date for the night.  Now, this isn’t just any old dinner engagement.  This is a special princess-themed date.  Many references are made to the movie Cinderella.  As soon as the date card is presented to Jade, she gets whisked away by professional stylists and makeup artists into a room full of beautiful ball gowns and accessories.  Jade picks a gorgeous blue dress paired with some sparkling diamond accents.  And of course, who could forget the glass slippers?  She fittingly refers to her designer as her own “fairy godmother” and contently sighs as she says that she feels like a real-life princess.  Meanwhile, the other girls crowd around the entrance to the room, wistfully watching as Jade receives the royal make-over of a lifetime.

While some of the girls gush over how amazing their competition looks, Ashley I. has a particularly difficult time swallowing this pill… She expresses how utterly jealous she is that another girl got the princess date instead of her.  She refers to the princess theme as her “element,” something that would be a dream come true.  While Jade goes off to meet her man (in a Rolls Royce with a tiny red carpet leading up to it), Ashley decides to try on the dress she would have worn had she been selected.  She fashions a champagne-colored, sequin gown in front of her fellow contestants who, mind you, are dressed casual outside by the pool.  To say this is a little strange would be an understatement… Anyways, she literally tells the camera man “I bought this dress specifically for a princess themed date… I’m Cinderella!”  Her attempt to make herself feel better comes off as ridiculous and desperate.  This just shows how attached to the idea of being a princess some women in our society truly are.  It’s engrained in little girls’ minds from an early age, and it becomes apparent that some people find it hard to let go of…

Leaving the drama at the mansion aside, Jade finds her date sitting at a candle lit dinner set-up at the foot of a super long staircase.  As any fairy tale would have it, she makes her grand entrance and gracefully glides down the steps to meet her prince at the bottom, as he stares in awe of her striking beauty.  After a romantic supper, the two enter their own private ballroom where they encounter a full orchestra performing a waltz for them.  They dance the night away until the clock strikes twelve.  At that exact moment, just like Cinderella, Jade says goodbye to Chris, hurriedly making her way down the staircase and out the door.  What an episode.  Disney really comes to life this time, although the speedy exit seems too faithful to the theme and comes off as artificial, at least to me.  Nevertheless, I enjoyed this episode and its new twist on the typical dinner date!

princess gown bachelor balldance


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