Is BuzzFeed a Genius or…?

It seems as if I just couldn’t get enough of the Disney heroines quiz!  I made a couple of my friends take it for fun to see who they would get.  With quizzes like these, they can either hit the nail on the head, appear neutral, or just be dead wrong.  Interesting enough, the three of us all got extremely accurate results.  I just had to share!

So my roommate got Wendy:

You are Wendy from ‘Peter Pan”!  You are mature and responsible, and you take pride in caring for your family and knowing what’s best.  You have a level head and are always trying to do the right thing.”

My roommate is one of the most mature, yet entertaining people I know.  Being on the rowing team, she has a crazy schedule, managing early morning/afternoon practices, class, and life in general.  I honestly don’t know how she does it, but she does all of this and somehow ends up in bed at 10:30pm with enough time to watch Grey’s Anatomy while I’m still slaving away at the desk over work that needs to get done.  I guess you could say she’s a master of time management.  As for Wendy’s emphasis on family and her caring personality, my roommate also exhibits similar qualities.  While I was sick in bed on and off over these past few weeks, she would take my temperature, fill up my water bottle for me, and bring me back food if I hadn’t already eaten.  When she FaceTime’s her 17-year-old sister, she thrives at being the wise older sister, providing her with loads of advice, whether it be over GCSE’s, college applications, boys, or rowing.  My roommate clearly has her feet on the ground and resembles Wendy in so many ways…

It’s funny because apart from the personality traits, both my roommate and Wendy’s character are from England!  It was obviously meant to be… Does BuzzFeed have some sort of sixth sense or something?


My other friend who took the quiz got Aurora and then Jasmine (she didn’t like her first result).

The Aurora description described her as such:

Shy and reticent it takes you a while to open up, but when you do people consider you a friend for life.  Beneath your quiet exterior is the thoughtful and considerate person brimming with passion.”


The Jasmine description voiced:

“Daring and adventurous, you are considered the daredevil or you group.  You enjoy having fun, taking isis and living life to its fullest.”


If most people were to choose a description to fit my friend’s personality, they would definitely pick Jasmine to be her Disney heroine.  While bold, funny, and very outgoing at times, my friend also has a different side to her that not many people, except for those who know her best, get to see.  Underneath her usual vivacious demeanor lies a somewhat reluctance to open up to people.  Although we had been friends for months, I hadn’t been able to get anything vulnerable or deeply emotional out of her until just a few weeks ago.  She admitted herself that she wasn’t used to “girl talk” and that her friends back home would often get frustrated when she would sometimes close herself off to them.  After getting her first quiz result as Aurora, she was actually annoyed because she thought “shy and reticent” was the polar opposite of her personality.  She thought Jasmine was definitely the more accurate representation of herself, until I actually pointed out some truths about her similarities to Aurora.  We joked around for a bit, knowing that this was just a silly quiz, but came to realize that our results were actually pretty indicative of certain parts of us.  Weird…


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