Which Disney Heroine Am I?

While half of my hall enjoyed a loud Friday night out, two of my friends and I spent a relaxed night in, taking late-night Buzzfeed quizzes, of course… Not surprisingly, a good amount of Disney-themed quizzes came up.   After first discovering which “1989” Taylor Swift song we were, when we were going to get married, and whether or not we could make “fetch” happen, I jumped at the opportunity to figure out who my spirit princess was — or better yet, my Disney heroine.

After a series of questions that were no doubt performing an in-depth psychological analysis, I got that I was Tiana!

“You are Tiana from ‘The Princess and the Frog!  You are hard-working and determined.  You will stop at nothing to achieve your dreams.  You are ask humble, remembering where you came from and not letting anything stop you on your way to where you want to be.”  

Having never seen “The Princess and the Frog”, I took it upon myself to investigate my true Disney persona.  Apart from other traditional Disney princesses, Tiana is a confident, independent woman who does not come from a royal family.  Throughout her humble upbringing, her family encouraged her to remain true to herself and to put in strong effort in order to achieve her goals.  As she grows older, Tiana works hard at her job, in the hopes of one day owning her own restaurant, as opposed to other princess characters who simply dream of finding their prince charming.  Tiana doesn’t rely on magic and wishes, she takes matters into her own hands and educates herself — she’s not just an empty-headed pretty girl.  Although in the end she does end up finding the love of her life (who so happens to be a prince), she doesn’t need a man in order to have an identity.

I feel like Buzzfeed was actually pretty accurate in likening me to Tiana.  Growing up, I’ve always worked hard for what I wanted, no matter how long it took — whether it was to master Beethoven’s Pathetique piano sonata in 2 years, to go from 1st Doubles J.V. on the tennis team freshman year to starting in Singles on Varsity as a sophomore, or to spend hours studying in my room so I could achieve the college education I always wanted.  Without persistence and dedication, I would not have accomplished nearly as many things as I have.  I’d also like to think I’m a pretty humble person with my feet on the ground, valuing the lessons I learned from my family as well as the relationships I’ve formed with people throughout my life so far.  While I DO consider myself a hopeless romantic and often dream of one day finding my “prince”, I personally place more importance on achieving my own aspirations and continuing to shape my own identity for now.

It’ll be interesting to actually watch “The Princess and the Frog” and see how much of my own qualities I might actually recognize in Tiana!  Buzzfeed never ceases to bore.




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