Disney’s First Latina Princess


Disney is finally introducing its first Latina princess, Elena of Avalor!  After decades of primarily white princesses, beginning in the 1990’s Disney introduced princesses of varying ethnicities — Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and most recently, Tiana.  However, there was still a vacancy of representation for the Latino population.  With an ever-growing Hispanic community in the United States, it seems almost inevitable that Disney would one day directly appeal to this expanding consumer population.

As a Latina, myself, I can’t wait to see how Princess Elena is portrayed and which aspects of Latino culture the producers choose to highlight.  Latino culture varies from country to country, let alone from Central to South America.  I’m curious to see which countries’ characteristics Disney will pick as a contextual background.  Will they default to Mexican culture (which happens all too often in the U.S. when referring to Latino culture as a whole), or will they branch out to a lesser familiar country, or even combine aspects of multiple countries?

You can read more about Princess Elena’s future plans here.


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