Parody Video

About a year ago, a YouTuber under the name “Paint” released a song parody of Disney princesses’ story lines and how they would play out in today’s day and age.  Ariel from The Little Mermaid focused on environmental abuse such as oil spills, whaling, and other forms of resource depletion.  Pocahontas centered on disease spreading among the Native American population thanks to the colonists (specifically STD’s).  Jasmine from Aladdin spoke of a highly controversial topic in modern America, saying that Aladdin was wrongly accused as a terrorist by the CIA simply for his Arabic origins.  Belle from Beauty and the Beast was a lot less relatable with her topic of bestiality… But still, overall a funny and dark video at the same time.  I remember how popular this video got as soon as it got uploaded.  There’s even a sequel!



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