New Play in Town!

The Hunchback of Notre Dame is coming to Papermill Playhouse, about 15 minutes away from where I live!  As a kid I did a lot of musical theatre and often went to the Papermill Playhouse to see the newest shows.  I always thought of it as a small, local theatre, so it’s super cool to see that The New York Times did a review on its latest production that’s receiving a lot of positive attention.  Apparently tons of people are raving about the expanded musical score as well as the impressive stage set.  According to critic Charles Isherwood, the play “[bridges] the gap between… Hugo’s darkly thundering melodramatics and the smiley-faced warmth of a Disney cartoon” — a tricky undertaking, indeed.  Papermill’s take of the story includes much more developed adult themes than the Disney movie, but still incorporates some of the lighthearted scenes of comic relief.

As a HUGE fan of Victor Hugo, I will definitely buy a ticket to see Hunchback when I’m home for the summer!



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