Casting of “Beauty and the Beast” Remake

Disney recently announced its main cast for its 3-D live-action remake of the original film of Beauty and the Beast.  The new movie is set for release in March of 2017.

 dan stevens 

I was BEYOND excited when I heard that casting had chosen Dan Stevens to play the Beast alongside Emma Watson as Belle! I wouldn’t normally consider myself a fangirl, but I definitely had a fangirl moment there… Emma Watson is truly a role model for young women and girls everywhere.  She followed her own desire to pursue an education by attending Brown University, insistent on “being normal and doing normal things,” as she put it.  Although she’s super famous for her role as Hermoine Granger in the Harry Potter series, she somehow manages to stay out of the negative lime light.  She is kind, humble, and inspiring, serving as the current Women Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations, dedicating her humanitarian efforts towards empowering young women through education and promoting gender equality.  Nowadays it’s so hard to find someone so admirable in Hollywood that you can really look up to.  Emma Watson has always been the exception to me, and I’m SO happy to see her play Belle in Disney’s new re-make.

Though, in all honestly, I don’t know that much about Dan Stevens as a person, as Matthew on Downton Abbey he was such a lovable gentleman.  As one could image, I was heartbroken when he left the show in such a tragic way… So naturally, I, along with many other Downton fangirls, I’m sure, totally swooned when I heard his name released in the casting announcement.

I absolutely cannot wait to see Dan in his royal blue tux and Emma in her puffy yellow ball gown waltz to “Tale As Old As Time”<3  Such a Downton throwback!

March 2017 come sooner!!


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