Disney’s Live-Action Business

The Guardian recently posted an article about Disney’s new strategy to remake its most popular animated films.  After enjoying their own success with the re-adaptation of Alice in Wonderland in 2010, starring a particularly quirky Johnny Depp, as well as after seeing the great success of Snow White and the Huntsman in 2012, Disney began planning for similar re-makes of their other original cartoons with the hopes of establishing a highly profitable trend.  Recently, over the past few months, Disney has publicly announced its plans to re-make PinocchioMulanBeauty and the BeastDumbo, and Winnie the Pooh into live-action films.  While I’m super excited about Mulan and Beauty and the Beast in particular, I’m a little confused as to how Disney plans to use real people and a real-world setting to illustrate the stories of a flying elephant and a talking bear with an obsession for honey…

In case you were wondering why all of these live-action re-makes keep coming out, here’s some good background…

Disney’s latest release of the re-made Cinderella earned $400.8 million worldwide just after three weeks on release.  The movies to follow, if produced in the same quality, will certainly match it in profits.  Furthermore, Disney purposefully chose to re-make movies it could incorporate into its theme parks and merchandise.  In 2014, Disney made a profit of $15 billion from its theme parks and $4 billion from its merchandise, compared to a lesser $1.55 billion from its movies.

Disney’s modern corporate strategy is sure to continue to produce big bucks.

alice live cinderella live


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