Toy Story Reviving Childhood

toy story

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about guys… it’s that they love Toy Story.  They all do!  Really!  Or at least pretty much all of the guys I know… I’m sure there’s some that for one reason or another don’t care for it.

Growing up, Disney movies were typically for girls.  I guess boys weren’t huge fans of the fairytale love story plot lines of CinderellaSnow WhiteThe Little Mermaid, Sleeping BeautyPocahontas, etc… I can’t blame them for seeing more of themselves in superheroes and action characters than in pretty princesses.  So one could honestly say that the traditional Disney films were more geared towards girls.  However, Toy Story is the exception.  For some reason, I personally didn’t like Toy Story; I couldn’t get into it, though I’m sure this wasn’t necessarily the case for all girls.  The boys, on the other hand, LOVED the Toy Story movies.  And the funny thing is… they STILL do.  Not that there’s anything wrong with that; it just seems strange when you think of it in society’s generalized view of “masculinity.”  For instance, in my Spanish class just this past week, my professor showed us the trailer for Toy Story 3, which we were then supposed to translate into Spanish.  The first time he played the trailer, I was obviously paying attention to what was going on on the screen, but the second time he showed us the clip, my eyes started wandering around the classroom a bit.  I instantly noticed how enthralled all the guys in the class were by the 3-minute clip.  When the trailer ended, one of them even asked if we could just watch the whole movie then and there.  It was so cute seeing how just watching a short trailer could make college “men” briefly transition into their childhood selves.

It always fascinates me how quickly our favorite childhood movies can make us feel the age we were when we first watched them.


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